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There are studies that have shown that the additional benefit of BHRT is the slightly decreased risk of breast cancer which relates to the use of bio-identical Progesterone versus synthetic Progestin as in conventional HRT. This slightly decreased risk with a natural progesterone has to be balanced against the increase in risk of breast cancer that is, i) age related and ii) related to genetic loading e.g. due to the BRCA1 & 2 and other genes. 
For those of you who are interested in a literature review, may I suggest taking a look at The Fournier study, in the International Journal of Cancer 2005 which evaluated 54,000 women who used bio-identical Oestrogen and were either taking bio-identical (b/i) Progesterone or synthetic Progestin (conventional HRT). The women taking b/i Progesterone had a 10% decrease in risk of breast cancer and the women taking artificial Progestin had a 40% increase in the risk of breast cancer. The de Lignieres study from Climacteric 2002 concludes that the risk of breast cancer is not increased with b/i hormones but is increased with synthetic Progestin. These studies are examples of documented scientific evidence that the major problem with synthetic HRT is the synthetic Progestin. These are just 2 studies. Other  scientific studies exist.

(Non Bio-Identical) and the Benefits of BHRT

Conventional HRT is associated with increased health risks compared to BHRT. With regard to conventional HRT, the Oestrogen is obtained from horses and the Progesterone is often synthetic thus being different in makeup than naturally occurring human female hormones in the body. One can refer to the Women's Health Initiative Study (WHI) of 2002 for more on side effects with conventional HRT. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is plant and yam derived and as the name suggests identical in its chemistry to female human hormones, making it completely natural and accepted by the body.

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